Hello, My name is Tia Rhinehart. Born and raised in Pittsburgh,PA. A mother of 4 boys. My last son was born in 2013. Two years later I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. It was and still is a long journey. Thankful to be here to tell my story.



Raising four boys I was always frustrated with the options of boys apparel. You walk into a clothing store and you see a HUGE selection of girls clothing with matching  accessories. Off in the small corner with limited  boring apparel was the boys section. I said to myself on several occasions, I need to open a store for boys! It took sometime but we are now here. Offering affordable, cool apparel & much more!!! 


No Girls Allow3d EST 2018 



Almost 2yrs in No Boyz Allow3d was to follow. Offering girls clothing and more!!



Thank you all for the support!